LINGUA FRANCA ENSEMBLE and World Music International Organisations

Lingua Franca Ensemble is collaborating with the two major facilitators of World Music in The Netherlands, the Dutch Performing Arts and the World Music Forum. 



FURTHER INFO:  Dutch Performing Arts  &  World Music Forum NL


A notable collaboration

LINGUA FRANCA ENSEMBLE and TK Circus (TAREK & KAMI-LYNNE, performers of Cirque du Soleil )

'Lahtara' is an act in Duo Straps which blends the art forms of circus and dance, dissolving the boundaries between the earth and the sky. The composition ‘Lahtara’ translates to ‘longing’ which inspired Tarek & Kami-Lynne to create material based on this feeling. A longing for rejoicing in the space between earth and sky, Longing to find our personal space while being intricately connected. We invite the viewer to look at the act with that word in mind and see how that resonates within them.


Music: ’Lahtara’ - Lingua Franca Ensemble
Composer: Michalis Kouloumis

Circus Artists: Tarek & Kami Lynne
Choreography: Tarek Rammo 

'19 Steps of Separation' is a creation by Tarek in Aerial Straps which is based on themes of inner unity and separation. It's a reflection on the ego and the consciousness and how these create conflict when trying to create inner wholeness. The resulting piece transcends the traditional forms of the Aerial Straps discipline, creating a unique movement vocabulary. Emotional and evocative, the movement is intrinsically linked to the music which was the basis for the creation process.


Music: ’19 Steps of Separation’ 

Lingua Franca Ensemble
Composer: Michalis Cholevas

Circus Artists: Tarek & Kami Lynne
Choreography: Tarek Rammo

'Exileosis' is a piece in Aerial Hoop performed by Kami-Lynne which is based on the idea that energy and movement are not created by the artists’ own thoughts, but that energy is channeled and expressed through the body by unconscious processes. It builds on the concept that energy is always present and that it simply has chosen the artists body as a medium to express itself, transforming its nature as it flows along.


The energetic, colorful and layered composition 'Exileosis', which translates to atonement or redemption, was the starting point for the creation of this act. Kami-Lynne intertwines dance and circus in this act, choreographed by Tarek. 


Music: ’Exileosis’ - Lingua Franca Ensemble
Composer: Michalis Cholevas 

Circus Artists: Tarek & Kami Lynne
Choreography: Tarek Rammo 

We had the great privilege to learn from, collaborate and perform alongside the world-renowned Neyzen Kudsi Erguner, who has been recently designated as UNESCO Artist for Peace 2016. 

His soulful performance is featured on Inception, included in our album Ephemera.  

Besides our performances as an ensemble we have also the opportunity to share the stage on live performances with the exceptional musicians Kudsi Erguner and Niti Ranjan Biswas, with whom we share the same passion and emotional connection for Music.



Kudsi Erguner
Niti Ranjan Biswas is a unique musician, a versatile Tabla percussionist. Besides our collaboration during live performances we furthermore had the pleasure to enjoy his extraordinary performance on Child, included in our album Ephemera
Niti Ranjan Biswas

The Pharos Arts Foundation is a non-profit cultural and educational foundation based in Cyprus dedicated to the promotion of the

arts and humanities. The Foundation has commissioned the Cypriot contemporary composers Vasileios Philippou & Andreas Tsiartas

to compose music exclusively for the Lingua Franca Ensemble, which will be performed 

at Pharos Arts Festival on the 13th October 2017.  



pharos logo.jpg
Vasileios Philippou
Andreas Tsiartas

Lingua Franca Ensemble is endorsed by Vintage Revolution who has supplied

the group with its Analog Preamps Acoustic Box 2. A device that helps 

the ensemble bring to the stage their rich, colorful timbre.




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