Ton Maas - music writer • photographer • broadcaster

'Ensemble Lingua Franca delivers what their name suggests: bridging musical domains from around the eastern part of the Mediterranean. With seemingly simple means, stunningly beautiful soundscapes are created. Ephemera, the opening track of the album, is a perfect example Lingua Franca knows how to please, but without ever being coquettish. In spite of the title of this beautiful debut album, it looks like it’s here to stay...'

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Simon Broughton -  Songlines October 2017

'To be completely Franca this is a very promising debut. Lingua Franca is a quality ensemble, welcome on stage'

Charlie Crooijmans - freelance music journalist

'With Ephemera on the CD player you can feel the moods and emotions almost literally. As in a dream you go up in the dazzling and playful sound of these four great musicians...'

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Kudsi Erguner - ney master • UNESCO artist for peace


'With their first album, Ephemera, Lingua Franca has created a Musica Franca. By their creativity and subtlety of compositions, improvisations as well as the knowledge of Maqam and talent of his members, I consider this ensemble a great response to the easy patch works and the fusions of world music projects'

Ross Daly - world musician • director of labyrinth musical workshop

'Lingua Franca are an exiting new group of four young musicians, each with considerable experience playing in various different musical styles. Their sound, rather than pointing to a single geographical location, reflects instead a broad panoramic view which brings the various musical idioms, primarily of the eastern Mediterranean, into a context both timeless as well as contemporary. Their program is comprised entirely of their own compositions embellished with extensive and inspired improvisational sections which clearly display the virtuosity and creativity of each on his instrument'

Garo Keheyan - founder and president of Pharos Arts Foundation

'I believe that the Lingua Franca Ensemble has an great future and an extraordinary potential to explore

contemporary sounds of our region'

Ton Maas - music writer • photographer • broadcaster

'It is clear that Lingua Franca is not about individualistic escapades. Not that these musicians would not have

the capabilities - they are all masters on their instruments - but their passion is mainly aimed at the collective creation

of wonderful music'

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Rima Khcheich  - Lebanese singer

"Beautiful album with sophisticated music, great mood and great musicians'

Jose Manuel León - flamenco guitarist • composer

'Música para los sentidos y para el alma, gracias'