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Ephemera is a collection of original compositions that came to life when Giannis, Michalis and Michalis met in Cyprus and formed the Lingua Franca Ensemble. Ruven joined soon after.


Just as a photograph captures images, Ephemera uses music to frame emotions that are normally condemned to fleeting transience. From the flash of amusement in a carefree child, to moments of longing due to separation, to the stages one passes from grief to acceptance, Ephemera unveils the power of these elusive emotions in our lives; emotions that pass unnoticed in an instant, but can leave a lasting trace over our conscious choices.

Michalis Cholevas: Tarhu, Ney (on Lahtara)
Michalis Kouloumis: Violin
Giannis Koutis: Oud, Guitar, Voice
Ruven Ruppik: Percussion, Marimba


Niti Ranjan Biswas: Tabla on Child
Kudsi Erguner: Ney on Inception

Recording: Mark Schots, WedgeView studios, The Netherlands
Mixing: Chris Weeda

Mastering: Darius van Helfteren, Amsterdam Mastering
CD cover and booklet design: Tahir Palalı
Photos: Tahir Palalı (CD cover), Giannis Antonas (Page 7) 
2017 © & ℗ Lingua Franca Productions

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